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What Makes a Cold-caller Successful?

Openers For Leads cold-callers pursue elusive targets that are often hard to find and always hard to persuade. They deliver a carefully-worded message, timed to the second, in a natural and conversational way. The result is a meeting between your sales rep and the decision-maker.

What kind of person can do that, even when their call is unexpected?

Prepared - No stumbling out of the blocks. There is a very short time from the start of the call to a booked meeting.

Perceptive - Sixth sense as to when to close for the appointment and when to wait until next time.

Enthusiastic - Transmit the possibility of a perfect fit: What you offer with what your prospect needs.

Resilient - Face rejection multiple times each day. Remain engaged and friendly to project confidence.

Focused - Concentrate on the objective which is selling appointments. Losing sight of that loses the prospect.

Persistent - Dial the same number dozens of times before the prospect answers. Be ready - instantly - to communicate effectively.

Disciplined - Call the right person at the right time. Say the right things. Track it all and keep excellent records.

Versatile - Speak with everyone from administrators to C-level executives using their preferred terminology.

Why is cold-calling such a difficult skill to master?

Because you only get 20 seconds.

This YouTube video takes 10 minutes to describe that 20 seconds. We didn't produce this video but, since it so accurately portrays our own approach, we are making it available here. The 10 minutes will be well worth your time, so enjoy the video and when you need a cold-calling specialist, contact us!

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