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Portrait of a Cold Call

A cold call is a component of the overall sale and it takes the same form. To successfully reach the objective, a seller has to achieve the following three things in exact sequence. The seller must persuade the buyer to: 1) Notice what you offer 2) Want what you offer 3) Take what you offer.

There are only two differences between a cold call and a full-blown sales call: 1) A cold-caller isn't selling the product - just an appointment. 2) The cold-caller has only a minute or two to complete the whole mini-sale.

Before the call, we do our homework. During the call is no time to be qualifying or investigating. We already know what the company does, the title of the person we are calling, their role in the organization and their ability to make decisions. We also know the likeliest objections, and our script has the answers built in so that the objections don't even arise. And, of course, we know we must sound natural. Practice makes perfect!

We make sure to be noticed for the right reasons: The buyer has to know at the outset that he, or she, is the star - not the caller, not your company nor your product. We immediately state who we are and the exact purpose of the call. We assure the buyer that we respect his or her valuable time - and then prove it. No phony greetings, no acronyms, no cliches, no complicated descriptions. Nothing misleading. That behavior allows us to get to the next step.

To persuade the buyer to want what you offer we very briefly, but enthusiastically, show an important benefit of your product or service. We are very aware of the objective - we are selling an appointment, not a product. So we describe the benefit, not the product. That way the buyer will want to learn more. And that is exactly what we want him to want! Then we move on to step three and suggest a meeting.

Closing for an appointment is no different than closing for any aspect of a sale. No buyer takes what you offer unless you ask a closing question. The prospect doesn't suggest a phone meeting; we ask for one as soon as we have some indication ("the buying signal") that the benefit we described matters to the buyer. We conclude the call, leaving the prospect in the highest possible state of curiosity and interest that we have generated.

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