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Leads generated via inbound sales and those via outbound sales are not competing concepts; they are complementary. Direct cold-calling reaches a different subset of prospects on your list, the ones who respond positively to a timely call. Those same prospects may not respond, ever, to an email marketing campaign. Business-to-business calls have nothing in common with consumer telemarketing methods. Instead, they are an important tool which many companies use successfully to compete for new business. Is your approach to cold-calling maximizing the value of your sales force?

Your sales professionals may not have the time or the inclination to do the necessary list research. They may not possess the unique set of skills to do cold-calling.

What they do have is the ability to talk to prospects about their problems, show them the benefits of your solution and demonstrate the value that leads to closed deals.

The best sales reps will welcome the opportunity to apply their skills on a call with a decision-maker who is expecting to talk business specifically about your service or product. Products don't sell themselves, sales reps do!

Maximize the output from your prospect list with a combination of direct sales and inbound marketing to reach more existing opportunities.

Your targeted prospect list is filled with opportunities:

  1. The prospects who don't respond to email marketing but do need your product.

  2. The decision-makers who have identified their problem, but don't know of you.

  3. The prospects who don't yet realize that you have just what they need.

  4. Your competition's customers who would be delighted to upgrade.

  5. The ones who are just living with a problem that they think is unsolvable.

Those are your opportunities! Why wait for them to knock when it may never happen?

Let Openers For Leads experts cold call your identified prospects directly, so that the chance to apply your good selling skills will never pass you by.

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