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Why training? For a sales rep, the priority must always be to be the expert in a product or software service, as well as in the industries that use them. Honing sales skills may take a back seat to product and industry proficiency. The result is knowledge gaps in one or more facet of sales. What's the solution?

Openers For Leads offers you an outstanding option when you prefer to do everything in-house and you find those knowledge gaps are a hindrance. You will benefit from our expertise when we train your sales reps in any one of a large number of factors that go into closing a deal. They will appreciate the helping hand; you'll appreciate the results.

Research and prospecting methods/Compiling an accurate list

  • The most common knowledge gap is the awareness of what sources of information, free or paid, exist.

  • Defining your target or niche.

  • Evaluating commercial lists and internet resources.

  • Indirect prospecting

Script-writing for the overall sale or for any aspect of it

  • The most common knowledge gap is the rationale and necessity of being pre-scripted altogether.

  • Presenting the elements of the sale in an orderly way.

  • Defining your objective and sticking to it.

  • Techniques for sounding natural, fostering trust. and overcoming initial resistance.

  • Using the script to anticipate and defuse objections.

Cold-calling for an appointment or for any specific goal

  • The most common knowledge gap is learning how to deal with rejection.

  • The first half-minute on the phone.

  • Do's and don'ts during an unsolicited call.

  • Handling inertia, your biggest competition.

Selling and Closing

  • The most common knowledge gap is the awareness that all sales are composed of a series of stages each of which takes place in sequence.

  • The proper role of both logic and emotion in the sale.

  • The effective use of questions in the sale. Types of questions.

  • Objections, competition, price.

Fill in those knowledge gaps in prospecting, scripting, points-of-pain, benefit-selling, handling competition, dealing with objections - especially price , closing techniques and a myriad of others. Unlike canned lectures, this training is specifically tailored to your team's needs, to round out their skills.

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