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An approach to the restarting economy

What's your company's best approach to the restarting economy? One is simply to call all prospects now. If the opportunity is there, go out and get it!

  • Question: Isn't now too soon? Answer: Today some prospects need exactly what you have. Someone will get their business and then it will be too late.

  • Question: Won't we look callous or uncaring? Answer: No because, when appropriate, we do take no for an answer. And we'll find out when to call next.

  • Question: Is anyone buying now? Answer: Some of your prospects must be asking, "Is anyone supplying now?" So call and make sure they know you are.

  • Question: Shouldn't we focus on our existing clients? Answer: Certainly. But what about the open end of your sales funnel: next quarter's and next year's results depend on what you do today. You are planning now and so are your clients - so get yourself into their plans, right now!

We help refill the top end of your sales pipeline, and keep it filled.

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