Openers For Leads

We open the doors

You close the sales

Where does Openers For Leads fit into your company sales plan?

We turn suspects into prospects

We create a list to be used for both direct sales and marketing purposes. We research the target industries that might use your product, but focus on the ones that do use it. The companies on the list will fit your specifications as to industry, size, location or any factor. Your list will be complete with company name and address, decision-maker and contact details. That information is crucial if the prospect is to become a lead.

Then we turn prospects into leads

Cold-calling does not replace marketing and lead-generation but you cannot reach your entire list without it. A skillful cold-caller can approach your well-defined group of prospects directly, make personal contact and present the benefit you offer. This often leads to appointments with decision-makers who otherwise don't even know you exist!

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