Openers For Leads

We open the doors

You close the sales

We help by setting appointments which yield your intended results.

Leads that produce the highest possible proportion of demos and closes are the ideal use of your highly-trained sellers' valuable time. Based on your specifications we arrange meetings between your sales professionals and a decision-maker who has agreed to a direct phone conversation about your product or service.

The two essentials of an arranged meeting:

  • The appointment is set with no one but the decision-maker.

  • He or she is expecting to have a phone conversation with a sales representative about a specific product or service.

Our expert callers, in less than a minute, reach their objective of setting an appointment for your professionals.

"What's in it for me?" is what motivates prospects to become leads. We make certain they see a clear benefit.

We overcome the resistance of inertia to arrange the meeting. Then we step aside; your closers step in.

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