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Openers For Leads tackles the sales director's problem of outbound sales prospecting head on.

When your challenge is to identify prospects and convert them into paying customers, it's impossible to ignore the large group of people who will never respond to inbound marketing lead-generation efforts - but who do need what you are selling.

The only way to reach them ahead of your competition is to call them directly to get their business.

However, doing that successfully depends on whether your sales force has the necessary resources:

  1. Do they have the time? Your sales reps have to stay current with the product, the industry and the competition, not to mention the primary task of managing their territory. Is there time to add researching companies, finding decision-makers and making multiple repetitive phone calls?

  2. Do they have the ability? Cold-calling is a unique skill and a difficult one to master.

  3. Do they have the willingness? The traits required are resilience, persistence and enthusiasm in the face of rejection. Not everyone has them.

Openers For Leads helps by building a carefully researched list of prospects for you, contacting those prospects and translating the contacts into meetings with your highly-trained sales professionals, who will then use their skills to close deals. By having Openers For Leads act for your company in our three core areas of activity, you will reach the entire market, not just half of it. You can then confidently allocate lead-generation spend to both direct sales outreach and inbound marketing.

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